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Why is my transaction pending ?


1) Check with your Transaction ID if your transaction was confirmed on the blockchain - You can use this tutorial to do so : How do I check the transaction status on the blockchain? | Midas.investments Help Center (kb.help) 


2) Check if you sent it to the correct Midas deposit address


3) Check if you have chosen the correct network for your deposit. 


If all of these seem correct, please come into support chat, bottom right of the website, and a technician will help you solve this issue.



  • BTC withdrawals

BTC withdrawals are processed twice a day ; at 8-10 UTC and 20-22 UTC. Please wait for these hours to see your withdrawal get processed. Kindly note that if you submit a withdrawal during these hours, there's a chance it goes through during that batch, but it's not guaranteed.


  • Other tokens withdrawals

Most withdrawals take minutes to complete. However, sometime, they may take up to 24 hours. 


Here are the reasons why some of these withdrawals take longer :

  1. The Midas hot wallets - which are used to withdraw users funds - are voluntarily kept low for security reasons (hot wallets are not the most secure way to store funds) ; and to be able to generate as much yields as posible for users. When you withdraw, it can sometimes happen that hot wallets for this specific token are not full enough to process your withdrawal. When that happens, a waiting time is necessary, for the technicians to be able to replenish the wallet . Depending on the protocol where the technicians have to retrieve the funds, and network condition, sometimes several hours are necessary to fill the hot wallet up - when that is done your withdrawal will be processed instantly.
  2. The point above can be exacerbated if you're withdrawing a somewhat big amount, several 10ks of USD value for example. In that case, it is advised to let the support chat know in advance, so that the technicians can fill up the hot wallets accordingly, and not keep you waiting for your transfer.
  3. If your withdrawal has stopped pending, and there is now a Transaction ID next to it, but it hasn't reached its destination, please use this tutorial to check if your transaction has been confirmed : How do I check the transaction status on the blockchain? | Midas.investments Help Center (kb.help)