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What is Yield Automated Portfolio (YAP)?

In short, YAP is an automatic portfolio of cryptocurrencies that can generate income from both the increase in the price of cryptocurrencies and from APY payouts. 

In other words, it is a portfolio of several cryptocurrencies. It is a simple way to keep the best cryptocurrencies without the hassle rebalancing manually​. YAP is a longterm payment investment for those who do not want to manage their portfolio themselves. Each YAP is rebalanced to increase profits. It can easily be liquidated to exit the YAP at any time.

Let's take StableYAP (SYAP) as an example​:

To quantify SYAP investments, they are issued and managed as their own token. A unique product specific to Midas Investments. This is not a blockchain-based token, but a unit of measurement for YAP investments. Investors would purchase, sell (automatically through swap) and hold their YAP investments in the SYAP token.

Every SYAP token in circulation is backed by real assets - ETH, MIDAS, USDC and BTC. The price of SYAP token is made up of the price of cryptocurrencies that it includes​. We very soon plan to add layers of transparency to allow users to track the number of tokens in circulation as well as the overall assets that back up these circulating tokens. Each token is priced based on the markets providing underlying support. The price of each token and history can be seen within the asset card on the platform. An example as per below.