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What are Midas strategies?

Up until now, Midas has provided customers with fixed returns on selected assets. Even though we tried to provide as much information as possible about how we earn, it was still a "black box" for customers because the internal processes of asset management were not available for customers to change. 

In comparison, strategies are a specific set of actions that Midas will perform on behalf of the investor when they make a deposit. So, Midas offers several proven strategies and provides a full return on them (minus a fee), but this return is not fixed. It may vary, and your USD balance may also go up or down depending on whether you have chosen the right strategy or not. 

So the Strategies are different on a few crucial points:

1) By participating in the strategy, the user will not receive a daily payout as it was before, that is, the number of their tokens in the strategy will not increase. Instead, all of the APY generated by the strategy and the changes in the asset price will be reflected in the price of the strategy token, i.e. your USD balance will increase. Strategy APY can vary significantly throughout the day and this is in no way influenced by Midas.

2) The USD balance in your strategy can decrease and increase depending on whether it was a good time for this strategy or not. For example, investing in the Soft Short ETH strategy during a rising market will lead to a decrease in your balance, but when the price of ETH goes down, your USD balance will increase.