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Midas Swap

All users can instantly exchange any token to another on the Midas platform in just a few clicks. You can find this feature in the asset card. 


Swap FAQ

Are there any fees? 

The fees are divided into 2 categories : Routing fee and Market spread.


This is the Midas swap routing chart for fees & spread

Click the hyperlink below for an expanded view.

Midas Swap Routing and Spread


Market spread

This is how the market spread for each pair is calculated:


Spreads will be reviewed on a monthly basis and adapted based on the evolving liquidity of each market. 

What does "we've reached the swap limit" error mean?

If you see this error, it means that swaps for this asset will not work. Midas has a limited amount of coins for swaps every day. If they run out, users can't do swaps until replenished. Liquidity is added to cryptocurrency pools every day at some point between 10:00 – 17:00 UTC. There is no specific time that it is added, so if you receive the swap limit error please wait until at least 17:00 UTC.