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Midas Community Economy and Crowns

What is the currency?

The currency is Crowns. Please do not mix it up with real Midas Tokens on the platform. Even though in the future you might be able to buy real Midas Tokens for Crowns, now it's not an option and these are not the same currency.

How do I earn Crowns ?

That's a very good question! There are several ways to earn Crowns:

  • You can gain coins by claiming it once a day with the command /daily in #bots-and-games: consecutive days grant daily streaks and higher rewards. 
  • You can gamble your coins at games like dice, guess the number, roulette, or rock paper scissors. Use command /games in #bots-and-games to learn more about these options.
  • You can be rewarded by any @Midas team member for helping out/giving your feedback or simply making them laugh with a good meme You can "work" for 1 hour and claim your paycheck in Crowns. Use command /work in #bots-and-games

How do I spend my Crowns ?

You can go to our Community Shop with the command /shop and see what items we have there. The items will always vary since we keep developing more and more. Now we have special roles, Midas Lottery Tickets (spoiler alert) and some fruits there haha! However, we have huge plans on scaling the shop and giving our most active members more opportunities within the community and the platform. So, there are a lot of money-wise items coming!