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Managing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

How do I Enable Two-Factor Authentication? 

We strongly recommend that all investors enable two-factor authentication immediately after signing up on Midas.Investments.

The instructions below are specific to Google 2FA, however, customers may use any TOTP application.  

  • In your Profile, scroll down to the "Security" section. 
  • Click “Enable.” 
  • Install Google 2FA on your mobile device (if not already installed). 
  • Using the Google 2FA app, scan the QR code provided in your Profile (the image below is for illustrative purposes - do not scan the QR below as it will not work).  
  • Alternatively, you may copy the key provided in your Profile, and paste that key into your Google 2FA app. 

/!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\  

DO NOT FORGET to save either the seedcode or the QR code, as you will not be able to restore your Google 2FA by yourself without one of them.

/!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\ /!\    

  • Once you’ve successfully added this QR code/key, paste the six-digit verification code from Google 2FA when prompted within your Profile.  
  • Congratulations! Your account is now protected with Google 2FA.  

Common Issues with 2FA 

The most common problem that users run into when using Google 2FA is seeing the error "invalid code." This typically means that users are either incorrectly entering the six-digit code or that users are not entering the code timely. The six-digit verification code refreshes every 30 seconds (security feature), and if users are not quick enough to enter the six-digit code, they will be faced with the “invalid code” message. 

If the Google 2FA verification code is not accepted:

  • Check to make sure the time on your device and on the Google Authenticator app are synced. On your device, check General Settings/Date and Time/Set Automatically. In the Google Authenticator app, go to Main Menu/More/Settings/Time correction for Codes/Sync now. 
  • Check out Google Account Help if you have additional questions. 

How do I Disable Google 2FA? 

  • To disable Google 2FA, click “Remove” while in your Profile. 
  • Enter the six-digit verification code as provided by Google 2FA.  
  • Once your 2FA has been successfully disabled, you will have to create a new 2FA key in order to re-enable 2FA (i.e., you’ll have to scan a new QR code or enter the new key). Your old Google 2FA entry will no longer work.

What if I Lose My Device with Google Authenticator ? 

Have you saved either seedcode or QR code as recommended in the process above ? If you did, then good, you can just back, follow the steps again, and set up your Google 2FA on a new device. If you didn't...

If you lose access to your smartphone and can no longer log in to your Midas.Investments account, we will have to disable 2FA for your account through a manual verification process. In order to comply with our strict security procedures, we will ask that you take a selfie of yourself holding: 

  • The ID that you used to complete KYC on Midas.Investments;
  • A sheet of paper with today's date, “Midas,” and "Disable 2FA." These will all need to be handwritten. 

Please send this selfie to support@midas.investments from the email you use to manage your Midas.Investments account.  

You will regain access to your account soon after Midas manually disables Google 2FA.