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KYC requirements

ID Document

How to Pass Identity Verification?

  • You can use any official government document—ID-card, passport, driving license, etc. —valid for at least one month after the present date.    
  • You can find more details on our ID document requirements at this link
  • You can find special rules for South Korea at this link

When taking photos, please note that:

  • The information on the document must be clearly legible,
  • All corners of the document should within the frame visible,
  • Two-page or two-sided documents must have all pages/sides photographed,
  • The acceptable file types are JPEG and PDF at least 500KB in size.         

Liveness Check (Selfie)

How to Pass Liveness Check

  • Face the camera and slowly rotate your head in a full circle to complete our liveness verification. 
  • Liveness verification confirms that we are dealing with the document owner, rather than an imposter. 
  • Please try to keep your face within the frame throughout the procedure.   

Proof of Residence

How to Pass Proof of Address Verification

When taking photos, please note that

  • Proof of Address documents must be no older than 1 year from the date of issue and be printed on an official form,
  • The document must contain your full name (the same as on your ID document),
  • Address, and the date of issue, all corners of the document should be within the frame,
  • The documents must differ from those used in steps 2 and 4. 

You can find more details on our proof of residence requirements at this link