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Is it safe to keep funds here?

The most important thing for every investment platform is security measures. Midas funds are managed through tokens located on different addresses within Fireblocks vault infrastructure.  

Each transaction goes through the multisignature process consisting of 2-4 DeFi and C-level team members. The connection to the protocols is done through WalletConnect. This is why the private keys never leave the multisig and are not inserted anywhere. 

Each strategy has its own vault, which means the different private keys for each protocol. If something goes malicious with one protocol, it does not bear additional damage. 

In the case of using Midas.Investments investors crypto-risk is delegated to us. Basically, it is the bet that we can handle risk better than average crypto-investor. Midas has 15 experts in our investment team that continually develop, test, manage positions, and search for new opportunities. This is not risk-free, but there is no such event that can lead to a major loss of funds in terms of investing strategies.

Midas is heavily diversified. We are entering and exiting mid-high risk strategies based on trend algorithms, which helped us to close most of the positions before the major drop last month.

In terms of using Midas risks are: - hack of investors account (we highly recommend enabling 2FA from your account profile on Midas) - hack of the platform to manipulate balances or abuse bugs (this event comes on our shoulders, not yours) - hack of our infrastructure (we are using Fireblocks and hierarchy of multisig vaults) - investment process failure (there is no current black swan event that can lead to major portfolio loss, liquidation or any sort of major event with portfolio).

This shows that the biggest your risk is the hack of your personal account. Therefore, we would advise to also add 2FA on your Google or Discord account.