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Detailed explanation of how bonus payments work

Current conditions allow partners to get 5-15% from their referral’s earnings. 



  • If the person you invited​ deposits 100,000 USDC on Midas platform with 13.5% Annual Percentage Rate (APR),  he will receive 36.98 USDC daily so you will get 5% (7.5% or 10%) of that​ to your USDC balance.
  • If the person you invited deposits 1 BTC on Midas platform with 9% Annual Percentage Rate (APR),  he will receive 0.00024657 BTC daily​.​ So this amount will be recalculated behind the scenes into USDC and you will get 5% (7.5% or 10%) of that into your USDC balance
  • If your referral receives income from a Midas deposit you will get 15% from his Midas income as a bonus to your Midas balance.

What if my referral activates the Midas Boost?

In this case, he will receive an increased yield and it will also increase your income, but you will still get a bonus on your USDC balance. Please note that activating Midas boost does not mean that you will receive 15% of income received from Midas boost activation. The 15% bonus is paid only for Midas Staking.