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Affiliate Program FAQ

Will my bonuses that I get from referrals earn standard interest as a deposit?​

​Yes, the bonuses you get from referrals to your USDC​ investment balance earns a standard Annual Percentage Yield. The main thing that your USDC balance should be more than the minimum $2.7​

How many referrals can I invite? 

The number of invited referrals is not limited.

Where can I see the number of people I invited and the deposits they made?​ 

Your Midas profile has a dashboard with statistics right under your referral link where you can see statistics of registrations and deposits of referrals.

Do I get a bonus if a referral I invite, invites another referral?​

You will only get a bonus from the daily rewards of the referral you invited​. 

Example: You invited person and he earned $100 a week in daily payments and $100 for a referral he invited a week ago​. You will receive 5% of his daily payments, i.e. $5

Where will the bonus be sent?​ How often are bonuses paid?​ 

The bonus will be sent to your USDC balance on the Midas platform.​ Bonuses are paid daily.