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Address book & Whitelisting

In your Profile, scroll down to the "Security" section, then to "Address book and Whitelist".   

  • Address book

The Address Book feature allows Midas investors to add and store any number of crypto addresses, making it easier and safer to send cryptocurrency to those addresses you know and trust. Investors can : 

  • Add a crypto address for any of the cryptocurrencies supported on Midas’ platform.
  • Assign a label to the address.
  • Easily search for that address by its nickname or its first few characters. 


Next time you initiate a withdrawal you will see the address in your address book available to choose, without having to type it :


  • Whitelisting  

You need to have Google 2FA activated in order to be able to turn on whitelisting.

The instructions for Google 2FA can be found here : Managing Google 2FA | Midas.investments Help Center (kb.help) 


Whitelist has a 24-hour cooldown period in order to protect your account against unauthorized activity. After adding or editing an address, you will need to wait 24 hours to be able to withdraw to this address. 


Once enabled, if you later decide to disable the Whitelisting or GA2FA features, you will only be able to withdraw to addresses from the Address Book for a period of 24 hours. After 24 hours, you will be allowed to withdraw to any address.